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Silicon leveling agnet
Polyether modified silicon leveling agent
Polyester modified silicon leveling agent
Reactive silicon leveling agent
Anti-graffiti silicon leveling agent
Touch silicon leveling agent
Silicon free leveling agent
Polyacrylate leveling agent
Fluorocarbon modified polyacrylate leveling agent
Fluorine surfactant
Substrate wetting agent
Dispersing agent
Silicon defoamer
Silicon-free defoamer
Adhesion additive
Anti-graffiti additive and resins
Waterborne resins and emulsions
Silion defoamer
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Model number: XOANONS®WE-D2641R            
Composition : High M.W. block style copolymer solution with pigment affinity groups Specifications 

Model number Appearance Solvent Density g/ml (25±1℃) Viscosity(s) (23±0.5℃) Content(%) (140℃ 2h) Flash point(℃)
XOANONS® WE-D2641R Yellow clear  liquid Dibasic ester 1.08-1.12 20-50 (T-4 viscometer) 45 >100

Application : Solvent-based coatings/paints and Ink 
Addition : (Addition to total formulation%)

Model number Inorganic pigment Organic pigment Carbon black
XOANONS®WE-D2641R 1-10% 15-35% 25-100%

Incorporation : XOANONS® Dispersants should be incorporated to the mill base before the add of pigments adding.
Property and advantage :

Model number Property and advantage
XOANONS®WE-D2641R Excellent performance of viscosity reduction and dispersing, good stability without foam-inhibition in carbon black system. Reduce viscosity and fineness,and show performance of color hue and storage in solvent-free epoxy color paints. Not subject to TATA DGR, alternantive to WE-D2641.

Package : 25KG/180KG The container should be closed tightly before completely used up
Storage : Should store in cool and dry place Keep intact 24 months in original package


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