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Silicon leveling agnet
Polyether modified silicon leveling agent
Polyester modified silicon leveling agent
Reactive silicon leveling agent
Anti-graffiti silicon leveling agent
Touch silicon leveling agent
Silicon free leveling agent
Polyacrylate leveling agent
Fluorocarbon modified polyacrylate leveling agent
Fluorine surfactant
Substrate wetting agent
Dispersing agent
Silicon defoamer
Silicon-free defoamer
Adhesion additive
Anti-graffiti additive and resins
Waterborne resins and emulsions
Silion defoamer
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Model number : XOANONS®WE-D545                     
Composition : Polyether modified polydimethyl siloxane  
Specifications :

Modelnumber Appearance Solvent Density(g/ml) (25±1)℃ Viscosity(s) (25±0.2)℃ Content% (105℃3h) Activesubstance%



—— 1.01-1.05 10-32 (T-4viscometer) ≥92 100

Remarks: The difference between the amount of active substance and non-volatile matter is due to the synthesis-related excess of low molecular weight polyethers which is determined with our test method as part of the volatile content. Application system : water-borne wood paint water-borne industrial paint water-borne plastic paint
Suggested addition :

Model number Addition to total formulation%
XOANONS®WE-D545 0.1-0.5

Incorporation : The additives can be incorporated during any stage of the production process, including post-addition.
Application recommendation :

Model number A B C D E
XOANONS®WE-D545 4 0 4 3 0

A=Transparency in varnish; B=Defoaming; C=Dynamic surface tension;  D=Static surface tension; E=Slip;                                          
0=unavailable 5=very effective Property and advantage

Model number Property and advantage
XOANONS®WE-D545 Most effectively reduce the surface tension. Excellent ability of wetting and spreading. At the addition of 0.2% in water, the surface tension of water will be reduced to 20.5mN/m. Freeze may occur at low temperatures. It would become transparent and flow after heated. Do not affect the quality of products.

Package : 25KG    180KG
The container should be closed tightly before completely use up.
Storage : Should store in cool and dry place. Can keep intact 24 months in original package.


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